Trench Shoring at Southwest Growth Centre


The New South Wales (NSW) Government is implementing major development plans to accommodate a population boom and deliver associated services and supporting infrastructure across Western Sydney. The plan includes strategically located land release packages for urban development.

The principal contractor, Zinfra, was responsible for establishing sewer and water main pipelines in Leppington NSW and connecting these to the existing Sydney water network before further land development. This was a major undertaking and required more than 14km of pipe to be laid by 13 pipe crews and subcontractors. In addition to the high level of operational complexity, the ground conditions at the development were also challenging.   


Zinfra required a trench shoring solution that was compliant, and easy to install and use, managed by a responsive delivery team with expertise in how to trouble shoot applications in varying site conditions. Zinfra chose Mabey as their shoring delivery partner. Mabey provided ultra-lightweight and ultra-strong Ultra Shields, Australia’s first general-use, heavy duty, lightweight aluminium shoring system. At the peak of the project’s requirements, Mabey delivered 60 shields at various sites for shoring the pipe trenches, boring and retrieval pits, and manhole access locations.

Civil Construction

Shoring Equipment
& Systems

Leppington, Sydney,
New South Wales


For more than six months Mabey successfully delivered significant trench shoring capabilities, and project management and support, helping Zinfra deliver more quickly, safely and efficiently for the NSW Government.