Hydraulic Vertical Shoring

Hydraulic trench shoring is simple yet effective. 

A hydraulic shoring jack is used to safely bolster the sides of the trench as the excavation takes place. No matter the size or shape of your trench, we offer customised hydraulic trench shoring to suit every project.

Mabey’s technique for Hydraulic Vertical Shoring, allows for one-person installation and removal from above ground, greatly reducing installation costs. Our lightweight hydraulic vertical shores are constructed from high-yield aluminium alloy, making them exceptionally strong, portable, and versatile.

A hydraulic shoring pump is used to extend the trench shores outwards, ensuring they press up against the sides of the trench consistently. This allows the right amount of pressure to be applied according to the width of the trench, creating sufficient support without applying too much force.

Hydraulic shoring can be used on practically any job that involves the construction of trenches, including pipe laying, sewer and waterline repair, utility work, and wiring projects. Shoring can make difficult and dangerous excavations much easier to manage. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with working on a safe jobsite with Mabey Hire’s hydraulic shoring service.

Hydraulic trench shoring is a quick and easy way to build a trench. Designed to keep the sides of the structure from caving in by supporting them with hydraulic pressure, trench shoring can minimise the risk of injury and costly delays. To keep your team safe and your project on schedule and budget, enquire about Mabey’s trench shoring services today.

Mabey uses advanced techniques and accessories when undertaking hydraulic trench shoring to make working in confined spaces safe and easy.  The benefits of our hydraulic trench shoring service include:

  • Our cylinder pads mount to the sides of the trench flush, providing even load distribution on side rails
  • One-piece cylinder extensions can be installed easily at the jobsite to accommodate a variety of trench widths
  • Cylinder oversleeves are standard and provide extra strength while protecting the cylinders
  • Bleed-off ports eliminate over-extension of cylinders to increase safety
  • Hinged design allows for fast removal and easy transportation.

Rail Length (mm) Min Width (mm) Max Width (mm) Weight (kg)
2,134 711 1,930 33
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Hydraulic Vertical Shoring Gallery 

Check out the gallery below to see a vertical shoring project we recently completed. 

Shoring Equipment Project Gallery

Mabey New Zealand have successfully completed a wide variety of Engineering Projects for many industry leaders.

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