Bridging Solutions

Mabey New Zealand has a range of temporary bridging solutions designed for safe vehicle and pedestrian access. Dating back 70 years to the original Bailey Bridge system, our temporary steel bridges are used extensively around the world.

Our most popular design, the C200™, features interchangeable steel components to provide a robust and easy-to-assemble structure for the following applications:

  • Permanent bridges
  • Temporary bridges
  • Rural bridges
  • Access bridges
  • Footbridges
  • Emergency and contingency bridging
mabey hire bridging solutions

Designed to allow for up to two lanes of traffic, with options for external cantilevered foot walks, the C200™ can be configured as a single or multiple span bridge. We also provide floating bridge solutions using pontoon systems, as well as jetty applications for ferry and barge access.

No matter what kind of temporary bridging solution you are looking for, you can depend on Mabey New Zealand to deliver a reliable product. Whether you need a bridge for vehicles, pedestrians, or both, we will work with you to tailor our bridging systems for your specific requirements.


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Mabey Australia helps civil construction and infrastructure customers deliver projects more quickly, safely and efficiently.

Temporary Steel Bridges for Pedestrian and Vehicular Access

Every temporary steel bridge built by Mabey New Zealand is designed to achieve longer unsupported spans than most other bridging methods, helping to minimise your substructure costs. They are modular for easy transit and require minimal maintenance once installed. 

To certify the safety of every pedestrian and vehicle bridge we build, our team provides design certificates, technical references, and installation guides to all customers. This allows our equipment to be deployed safely and effectively and for comprehensive risk assessments to be undertaken prior to their use. If you need help installing your temporary steel bridge, we offer crane installation and cantilever launch options, as well as the option of a site installation advisor. 

In addition to temporary vehicle and pedestrian bridges, our product range also includes solutions for:

  • Temporary access and roadways
  • Temporary groundworks
  • Shoring equipment and systems
  • Engineering and project services
  • Other equipment and accessories

By working with Mabey New Zealand, you can be confident of receiving an exceptional standard of customer support. You are more than just another customer to our team; you are a valued client we want to help.

Not sure of your requirements, or perhaps you are unfamiliar with bridging systems? Get in touch with your local Mabey branch to arrange for one of our friendly team members to provide you with a site demonstration or general discussion on our product capabilities.