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Support shoring and excavation systems on your job site with the help of Mabey’s trench sheets. Our trench sheets are thin steel members that are driven into the ground used to support the ground at the sides of trenches and excavations. Thanks to its durable strength and flexibility, it’s ideal for all forms of temporary and permanent work.

Mabey Hire offers a range of trench sheets to assist you with delivering quick, safe and efficient projects. Our trench sheets are made for easy installation and extraction, so you don’t need to waste valuable time in the setup.

Made from hardwearing steel, trench sheets provide exceptional strength which allows for excellent durability to withstand heavy pressures and onsite damage. They can be used for a wide range of applications, from shallow excavations to deep-driving excavations. They’re also the sustainable choice, as they can be reused over and over.

Our Mabey steel trench sheets are designed to save you time and labour. They’re easier to drive and withdraw than traditional timber, making them the reliable choice. Trench sheets provide an effective ground solution for ensuring the safety of the construction workers.


  • They are lightweight and easy to handle
  • Overlapping connection (the steel sheets don’t clutch together) to create a lapping wall
  • Can be used for both temporary works and permanent work applications
  • Sheet extractor tools available
  • Excavator mounted vibrating machines available (EMV)
  • Available for hire or sale

Standard Specification

Profile Steel Grade Width (mm) Height (mm) tf (mm) tw (mm) Weight (kg/m) Weight (kg/m) Moment of Inertia (cm4/m) Section Modulus (cm3/m) Moment Capacity (WLL)-FOS of 1.5
M12 HA350 550 87.5 6 6 32 58.2 796 182 42.5