Super Shaftbrace

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Beyond trench excavations and shoring, sheet and frame systems (or hyraulic bracing) are ideal shoring solutions for larger rectangular or irregular shaped excavations such as underrground tank installations, multi service connection areas like water treatment plants or electrical substations and commercial building ground works.

Super Shaftbrace can be used for excavations up to 16m x 16m. Our bracing struts connect via pinned corners to allow for non-square excavations and can also be used in conjunction with our Multibrace system.


  • Standard frame assemblies cover excavations 16m x 16m
  • Flexible system can shore up many square, rectangular or irregular shaped holes
  • Cross bracing struts are easily connected to the frame to increase length and strength of the system
  • Pinned corners allow bracing of non square excavations
  • Super Shaftbrace system connects to Multibrace system with interchangeable component design

Standard Specification

Please contact our expert for advice on your requirement and our capability.

Alternatively please refer to the document ‘Sheet Piling, Hydraulic Bracing Systems and Engineering Project Services’ which can be located within our downloads section.