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Ensure your next project is well-protected with the interlocking sheet piles available from Mabey Hire.

Sheet piles are thin steel members that are driven into the ground to provide earth retention and excavation support. They are regularly used for retaining walls, land reclamation, and below-ground structures (like car parks). Sheet piles can also be used in river and coastal applications with corner piles to help reduce the amount of inflow into a cofferdam.

A sheet pile is an essential equipment piece on a construction site. While they can also be made from timber or concrete, a steel sheet pile is the most common form used as it provides strong resistance against high-impact pressure.

The strength of sheet piles is thanks to their simple but effective design. Each sheet pile part interlocks with another to create a border or wall when arranged together. This can be to provide both temporary and permanent support, depending on the project.

Mabey Hire uses steel sheet piles for optimum strength and support. You can rely on our sheet piles to provide robust structural resistance at your worksite for as long as it’s needed.


  • Sheet piles are strong and heavy
  • Interlocking edges allow for the sheets to clasp together to create a continuous wall
  • Can be used for both temporary works and permanent works
  • Ideal for working in and near rivers and coastal applications
  • Perfect for deep cofferdams
  • Sheet pile drive caps available
  • Sheet extractor tools available
  • Available for hire or sale

Standard Specification

For further specification information please refer to the ‘Sheet Piling, Hydraulic Bracing Systems and Engineering Project Services’ document available within the downloads section.

Profile Steel Grade W (mm) tf (mm) tw (mm) Weight
H (mm) Weight (kg/m2) Moment of Inertia (cm4/m) Section Modulus (cm4/m) Moment Capacity (WLL)
FOS of 1.5
GU7s S355 600 311 7.2 6.9 46.3 77 11540 740 175
L603 S355 600 320 9.6 8.2 64.8 108 18600 1200 284
SPU – 3W S355 600 360 13.4 13.4 81.6 136 32400 1800 426
NS – SP-10H s355 900 230 10.8 10.8 86.4 96 10500 902 213