Modular Trench Shoring

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Sometimes the best shoring solution is one that adapts to your worksite. That’s where we come in. Our aluminium modular shoring system is designed to be a flexible asset in any work environment. The system is lightweight and can meet your individual shoring requirements.

Each panel of the modular shoring system is made with stacked aluminium beams. These beams are connected to corner posts, creating the full shoring structure. The modular shoring design allows the whole system to be transported easily – by a range of light- and heavy-weight vehicles – and assembled much faster.

With a huge variety of panel widths available, you can easily create an aluminium shoring system that fits the trenches on your job. Regardless of your sizing needs, you can build a modular shoring design that suits any shape and provides incredible strength you can depend on.

You also have a choice of using 2-way or 3-way corner posts, so how you assemble your aluminium shoring system is up to you. Both the panels and struts are quick to connect to each corner post.


  • Smooth wall panel design
  • Shield components stack flat for easy transportation
  • Exclusive corner end post design allows for either panels or adjustable strut
  • Corner end posts enable shields to be arranged in 2, 3 or  4 side configurations
  • Bottom panels may be removed to allow for cross utilities

Need reliable shoring that fulfils your unique worksite needs? Mabey’s aluminium shoring system has you covered. Find out how to hire our strong modular shoring systems by getting in touch with us online or calling us on 1800 622 394 today.

Standard Specification

Height (mm) Length (mm) Weight (kg) Corner End posts
610 914 22.7 2 and 3 sided configuration
610 1219 27.2 2 and 3 sided configuration
610 1829 40.8 2 and 3 sided configuration
610 2438 54.4 2 and 3 sided configuration
610 3048 63.5 2 and 3 sided configuration