Excavator Mounted Vibratory Hammer

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Mabey’s excavator-mounted vibrator (EMV) attaches directly to your excavator to assist in the safe and efficient installation and extraction of sheet piles. To keep soil disturbances to a minimum, each excavator-mounted vibratory hammer has localised, directional vibration. The powerful output of each piledriver attachment can also save time when installing or extracting sheet piles.

Next time you’re driving sheets, minimise the risk of damaging surrounding infrastructure by using Mabey’s excavator vibratory pile hammer.


  • Compact design – The compact design of Mabey’s excavator-mounted vibratory hammer makes it simple to integrate.
  • High power output – The heavy-duty 450 model provides up to 450kN of centrifugal force – more than enough to handle sheet piles.
  • Connectable to all excavators – Both the 300 and 450 models can connect to any excavator, with no need for additional fitments.

Standard Specification

Static Moment (kgm) 4.6 6.9
Frequency (rpm) 2400 2460
Centrifugal Force (kN) 300 453
Amplitude (mm) 14.7 13.7
Min Hydraulic Flow Rate (L/min) 130 195
Max Hydraulic Flow Rate (L/min) 250 350
Max Hydraulic Pressure (bar) 350 350
Min Hydraulic Power (kW) 60 88
Dynamic Mass (kg) 625 1008
Total Mass 965 1275
Max Pile Mass (kg) 800 1000
Max Push/Pull Force (kg) 15000 15000
Clamp Force (tonne) 36 54
Typical Excavator Weight (tonne) 12 to 25 25 to 45