Protecting our employees, contractors and client’s workforce is fundamental to our business. Our products are designed to enable safer construction and maintenance of buildings, utilities and infrastructure, ensuring that projects progress faster, are more productive and more efficient.

We are committed to preventing injury to our people through the development of our global cultural maturity programme.

This goal is reflected in our corporate health and safety vision.

Our Strategy

We plan to prevent accidents from occurring by employing a multi-component STEP change improvement strategy that aims to:

Develop our management systems to meet expectations of all our interested parties 

Ensure our tools and equipment are designed, used and maintained to the highest safety standards 

Provide a safe working environment where all interested parties are fully engaged 

Develop our people and embed safe values and behaviours through a cultural maturity program 

We control our hazards through the promotion of our Check, Challenge and Correct accident prevention behaviours.

Our Seven Health and Safety Beliefs

At the very centre of our cultural growth are our 7 cultural beliefs which form the moral basis for our decision making. Each of these beliefs have been used to anchor specific cultural improvement strategies. 

Our health and safety beliefs are:

I will always find time to work safely

I am responsible for my own health and safety

I am responsible for the safety of my team

All hazards must be corrected immediately

It’s OK to challenge and it’s OK to be challenged

All injuries can and must be prevented

Everyone has the right to go home safe and well